Aliza M. (z"l)

Her Story

Aliza was born in January 1985. Suffering a very difficult childhood, Aliza together with her older sister were sent to live at Bet Hayeled on Kibbutz Merav in October 1994. After just a short time on kibbutz it became clear to Aliza that she found for herself a new place to call home. Aliza made new friends on the kibbutz and she became a central figure at Bet Hayeled.

She could be found at all the kibbutz activities and knew how to appreciate the things she never received before arriving at Merav. Aliza enjoyed being part of the Bnei Akiva youth group on the kibbutz and was always volunteering to help collect food for the needy. At school everyone knew her name even though there were 800 kids in the school.

On Thursday evening, August 9, 2001 Aliza together with three other girls from Bet Hayeled went to have pizza in Beit Shean , a twenty-minute drive from the kibbutz. Upon returning from Bet Shean, just a few hundred meters before the kibbutz gate, the car was ambushed by Palestinian terrorists and Aliza was killed on the spot while three other Bet Hayeled girls were injured as well.

In a very emotional funeral Aliza was buried the next day in the Kibbutz Merav cemetery. Her place at Bet Hayeled can never really be filled and her special smile will never be forgotten.

The following is a quote from a letter Aliza describing her special connection to Kibbutz Merav:

I feel that here (Kibbutz Merav) are my roots.
And that here is where I was (re)born.
I am full of hope that the day will soon arrive that I will be able to give and not only receive.
I feel that here are my roots and this is the place were I want to continue on.
Thank you for everything!!!




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